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Set yourself apart – take the Connect Hair System training course

TrainingIt’s always important to set your salon apart from the rest, and that’s particularly true in a tough economy. Offering the best quality professional hair extensions is a perfect way to add value for your clients and increase your turnover. The styling options are limitless: you can add length, volume, colour or curls.

Undoubtedly, hair extensions have become a necessary part of hairdressing and they are by far one of the most profitable services you can offer.

Connect Hair was the first company to introduce human hair extensions onto the market and we are the most prestigious name in the industry. We have achieved cult status throughout the hair and beauty world, and the Connect Hair System is recommended by the majority of top fashion and beauty editors.  

But if you want to succeed in this specialist field, you need a comprehensive hair extensions training course. We’ve trained some of the biggest names in hairdressing including the top floor salon in Harrods Saks group salons, Hob group, and the famous Burlington group.

Our two-day master class is supervised by our creative director and founder, Feleny Georghiou. Creator of Connect Hair System extensions, Feleny is recognised as the leading UK hair extension specialist. She has over 25 years’ experience and an enviable client list, so you’ll learn the best hair extensions technique, as well as picking up her tips and tricks along the way.

All our courses are held at our salon in Hampstead, just 10 minutes from the West-End, Mayfair and Knightsbridge.

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Please call us on 020 7483 3845 or email us at for an enrolment form.

A booming market

The market for hair extensions has grown 300% in the last two years. According to market research firm Mintel, worldwide, the hair extensions industry is valued at £3.7billion and the market has gown 300% in the last two years. This is due to evolving trends for hairpieces and hair extensions. In the UK alone it turns over an estimated £150m every year and is predicted to continue to grow